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In case of emergency, please contact our 24hr emergency service on 0330 1002 805...

PDM specialise in emergency plumbing and drainage. From a burst water main to a blocked toilet. We cover the widest variety of all your plumbing and drainage needs. Once we have fixed your emergency, our maintenance team take over to repair any damage caused by the leak. We provide this unique service, so you're just a phone call away from a solution! We have over ten years experience in plumbing drainage and maintenance work so your just seconds from successfully putting your mind at risk. Don't delay; please call 0330 1002 805 to prevent any further damage to your home or business.



If you are in need of drain unblocking services, or any other waste water services, you have come to the right place. With our many years of experience in drainage services, there isn't much we can't do. From CCTV surveying to cleaning and repair, we have everything we need to take care of your underground pipework. So, when looking around for 'drain unblocking services near me', be sure to come to us, your local drainage experts.

Emergency Blocked Drains

When your toilets, sinks and other plug holes are not draining, or waste water is backing up, we understand how frustrating it can be not having the full use of these facilities. When you cannot rely on your own waste water system, it can have a major impact on your day, from the routine of your home, to monetary losses at your business. That is why we offer 24/7 emergency drain services, to get your waste water pipework running again as quickly as possible.

Drain Cleaning Services

Regardless whether it is a build-up of fats, oils, grease or other materials that have been poured down the plug holes, or tree roots and surrounding soil and hardcore, or indeed anything else, we can apply our drain cleaning services to remove the obstruction thoroughly and successfully.  

This is also highly recommended to both domestic and commercial customers, to keep everything in good repair and to lessen the likelihood of repair work being required in the future.

Drain Repairs

In the event that you are having problems, or you have called on our pro preventive maintenance and damage has been found by a CCTV survey, we have the training needed, and the techniques available to provide no-dig repairs. We do this using lining and patch repairs that are inserted into the drain and fixed onto the inner walling on the pipe. This is an extremely effective way to fix you’re the pipe and expand the life of your waste water works.

CCTV Surveying

Sometimes a blockage can be due to something infiltrating your drains from underground through any damaged sections of the walling. To make sure we not only get things working again, but are certain that we have found the cause of the problem, we will use our CCTV equipment to ascertain where the blockage is coming from.  

We can also use this service to evaluate the drainage works of properties that are for sale. Hiring our professionals to carry out this service when considering the purchase of a property could potentially save you thousands in the long run.

For any building projects that must consider the location of the existing pipes in an area, we can provide mapping that shows the exact layout and location of each drainage pipe.


Although we do our utmost to use as little as invasive a procedure as possible to carry out needed repairs or other of our services, we are capable of carrying out safe, efficient and reliable excavations. We can also provide full drainage installation.

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So, when you are looking for ‘emergency drainage near me’, come to Plumb, Drain and Maintain.


From small to large blockage, our engineers have all the equipment required to clear any blockage. We have the latest technology to ensure your blockage does not happen time and time again. We CCTV check every blockage to 100% sure we have resolved every possible problem with the pipe work and to find the cause of the blockage.

There are so many different types of blockage and we have every technique to clear the problems from all different sizes of pipe work.

Every one of our vehicles is fitted with a High Pressure Water Jetter and mechanical cleaners, large and small to clear every blockage.

We aim to attend every customer within the hour from your call, reducing the stress caused by the blockage. Once the engineer has assessed the problem, specialist training acquired by our team means they will find the fastest cure to resolve the problem.

Below are the different ways in which we may clear your blockage and a short explanation into why we use these different techniques.


Used to clear most blockages. The pressure of the water is feed through a hose and out through micro holes in a reverse action, creating a fan of water at an enormous pressure. This penetrates the blockage and blast any debris into smaller pieces and the intensity of the pressure clears the blockage.
This machine can remove limescale, tree roots and foreign objects lodged in the pipe work with ease.

Used to cut lime scale from the lining of the pipe work and break it down into manageable chunks to be cleared away. A thick steel cable is feed into the pipe work which is then made to rotate in a clockwise direction by a foot pedal attached to the base of the machine. A cutter fitted to the end of the cable then begins grinding any debris attached to the inner skin of the pipe, eventually boring the pipe back to its full capacity. This ensures full flow to the pipe work.

This machine also cuts roots away and clears grease and fat from pipe work.

The flexibility in the cable used means it can access most hard to reach blockages and can bend round corners of toilets without removing them.

Used in the same way as a large mechanical cleaner but only on primary pipe work such as kitchen waste and small bore pipes. The smaller is so flexible it can access nearly every blockage in smaller pipe work easily. The cable can be used to break down lime scale, grease and fat built up in the pipe work so clearing the blockage can be made a simple task.

Used to find the cause of every blockage. We offer a full DVD recording and report with every investigation. In the past we have found children’s toys, tree roots, collapsed drain and even breakages in the pipe work.

A high resolution, fibre optic cable is sent down the drain sends real time images back to a screen so we can identify the real cause of the blockage whist on site.

Once we have gathered all our information, a resolution to the problem can be offered to our customers.

Can be a resolution to the drainage problem you are experiencing. Relining is the latest way of fixing underground pipe work without excavating the entire pipe. So if the problem in your drainage is minimal, we can hydro scrubb the pipe work removing any debris and then insert a proxy resin sleeve into the pipe work. We then inflate another internal sleeve using high pressure water jetting and leave to cure for 4-6 hours. We then remove the internal sleeve, leaving the resin smooth and continuous throughout the pipe work. Once we have trimmed the edges and CCTV surveyed the pipe work, your drain will work as good as it did when it was first installed.

If we need to excavate the pipe work due to entire collapse or breakage, Plumb, Drain and Maintain ensure that we keep your property tidy at all times and cause as little intrusion as possible. As with any type of dig up, there will be some mess but our promise is to minimise this as much as possible.


Offered to commercial and domestic properties which require their drainage to be serviced on regular basics to prevent blockages.

If your drainage is in use quite regularly, it may require further attention and servicing frequently to obtain constant flow without the chance of blockages. PPM reduces the chance of blockage because the pipe work should always be at its most affective if it is regularly cleaned and checked.

PPM cleans are normally performed on a yearly basics, but the more usage may depend on the engineers recommendation.

Please call 0330 1002 805 to be added to our list of service cleans.

Clients using our PPM service include:

Public Houses


As well as clearing blockages, our team of highly skilled operatives lay new drainage as well. This includes internal stack pipes and external pipe and manhole lying.

So if you’re having a new extension, dwelling or just re-routing an existing pipe call 0845 052 6905 for your free written quotation.

Plumbing Services

Here at Plumb, Drain and Maintain we offer a wide variety of plumbing services to meet all your needs. We offer very competitive rates on all our day rate plumbers, so all our bathroom suites are fitted to the highest standard and to meet your budget requirements.


Drainage Services

From small to large blockage, our engineers have all the equipment required to clear any blockage. We have the latest technology to ensure your blockage does not happen time
and time again.


Maintenance Services

Unfortunately water causes excessive damage should your property ever experience a leak. Our unique service at Plumb, Drain and Maintain, offers after care to the highest standard.


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